What we do.

Humanity Unearthed's goal is to equip grassroots initiatives with a voice and the means to reach out to an audience of socially conscious people. By putting these organisations in the spotlight, we hope to provide them with the resources to continue delivering aid to some of the most vulnerable populations around the world.

We have a twofold approach to this:

  1. Showcase high impact causes by sharing your stories and experiences with these organisations via HumanityUnearthed.org and our social media pages
  2. Run fundraising events where all proceeds are delivered to a specific cause 

Tell us about a cause you believe in.

Do you know a not-for-profit organisation somewhere around the world which needs to build awareness or is in desperate need of resources? 

Share with us details of the cause and we will showcase it on our website. Organisations which garner the most interest or are most in need may become one of the causes we support through our fundraising events.

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What sort of resources does this organisation need to continue to make an impact? e.g. food items, volunteers, funding etc.
What does the organisation stand for and who do they serve?
Tell us about how people can get involved, be it through volunteering, charitable giving or in some other way